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Tone From Head to Toe With These 3 Kettleball Moves Ditch the dumbbells, and try this fun workout!

What’s smarter than a dumbbell? The kettlebell, of course!
It’s a weight with a handle, making it easier and more fun to maneuver. Here’s how you can tone your body from head to toe with this cool tool: Start with a 7-pound ‘bell, and try this routine twice a week, three times through!

1. Hot Potato

Works arms, abs, glutes, thighs

Start with feet hip-width apart, holding kettlebell in right hand. Lunge with left leg, passing kettlebell under left thigh (as shown) to left hand. Return to starting position and repeat, lunging with right leg and passing weight to right hand. Alternate for 12 reps. Keep weight in your front heel to steady yourself.


2. Suitcase Dead Lift

Works shoulders, arms, abs, glutes
Hold kettlebell in left hand (like a suitcase) with arms at sides, feet hip-width apart. Keep knees soft and shift hips back to slowly lower kettlebell until it reaches middle of shins (as shown). Tighten abs to return to start. Do six reps, then switch sides. But this isn’t a squat — you should be folding forward, keeping your back flat, as if you’re taking a bow.

3. Windmill

Works shoulders, obliques, back, glutes

Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, with kettlebell in right hand. Reach left arm up toward ceiling. Rotate chest to left and gaze at left hand as you slowly lower torso until kettlebell touches floor (as shown). Pause, then return to start. Do eight reps. Repeat on other side. We recommend mastering the movement without the ‘bell first, and then picking it up when you feel more confident.

Watch Latreal demonstrate the moves:


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