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3 Moves to Help You Firm Up Fast Not only are they fun, but you'll quickly see results.

Do this quickie circuit three times, twice a week, for a true calorie burn.

Watch Latreal demonstrate the moves:


GHK040115YBFitness01-mdnMove #1: Frog Hop

What it works: quads, glutes and legs

Stand on right foot, left leg bent back and lifted. Extend left arm over head. Hinge forward from waist, keeping back flat, reaching left hand toward right foot (as shown). Return to start. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

What you’ll feel: You should feel a tight squeeze in your inner thighs. Land on the balls of your feet with soft knees and then squat as low as you can.

Beginner tip: Instead of jumping up, rise to standing position.

Move #2: Bear Crawl

What it works: arms, shoulders, abs, legs, back

Start on all fours, palms flat on floor beneath shoulders, knees under hips. Rise onto your toes and elevate hips slightly. Walk your right hand and left foot forward six inches; follow with left hand and right foot. Alternate moves for one minute.

What you’ll feel: Your abs should be on fire. Pull navel in, toward spine, if not.

Beginner tip:Crawl for only 20 seconds; add 10 seconds every week.

Move #3: Crab Walk

What it works: Abs, glutes, triceps, shoulders, upper back

Sit with knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place hands palms down, fingers pointed back, on either side of hips. Push into your heels to raise your bottom parallel to the floor. Step your right hand and left foot forward, then follow with left hand and right foot. Alternate for one minute.

What you’ll feel: The space between your shoulders should widen. Not happening? Think “proud peacock” and expand your chest to deepen the stretch.

Beginner tip: Continually raise and lower your hips in lieu of walking.

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