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3 Moves to Help Flatten Your Tummy These allover toners feel nothing like core work.

Wobbling like crazy in one-legged yoga poses? Totally normally. Women naturally start to lose muscle mass as early as their 30s, and balance can take a beating as a result. Fight back with targeted strength training: This plan works your stabilizers, the smaller muscles that keep you steady on your feet. The ab toning is an extra perk! For best results, do the entire circuit, three times a week. Ready to try?

Watch Latreal demonstrate the moves:

sculpting-working-crossover-mdnMove #1: Crossover

What it works: Hamstrings, thighs, glutes, and abs
Stand on right foot, left leg bent back and lifted. Extend left arm over head. Hinge forward from waist, keeping back flat, reaching left hand toward right foot (as shown). Return to start. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.
Go easy: Keep back toes lightly planted.
Fit tip: Contract abs throughout.

sculpting-working-booty-mdnMove #2: Booty Lifter

What it works: Hamstrings, thighs, glutes, and abs
Sit with right foot flat, left foot off floor. Press into right heel and quickly stand. Return to seated position. Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat.
Go easy: Use arms to push off the seat.
Fit tip: Stare forward to stay balanced.

sculpting-working-hiphop-mdnMove #3: Hip-Hopper

What it works: Glutes and abs
Stand with feet hip-width apart. Jump to the right, landing on right leg with left leg lifted slightly. Repeat to the left to complete one rep. Do 12 reps.
Go easy: Pause between hops.
Fit tip: Put pennies on the floor where you want to land, and aim for one of them with each leap.

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