Do you know when all the excuses always come out to play? When we travel…

• “I travel too much!”

• I don’t have time.

• I don’t want to pack equipment.

• I don’t like hotel gyms.

• Not enough space.

• It’s too cold outside.

Well next time you travel DON’T pack all those excuses because this 20 minute routine is perfect to keep you working out on that next work trip, and the best part… You can do it in your hotel room (Yes, no matter how small it is). Grow up and show up!

15 Squats

15 Elevated Explosive Pushups On The Bed

10 Glute Bridge On The Edge Of Bed (Each Leg)

15 YTW’s

20 Shoulder Raises W/ Pour Out (Thumbs Up)

20 Crab Toe Touches

60 Seconds High Knees Or Criss Cross Jacks

Repeat 3x’s

Make sure to let me know how you do!


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