How to Squat

The squat is a very basic exercise. When people tell me that can’t squat I always ask, “Can you sit on the toilet?” If you can sit on the toilet you can squat – but it’s all about squatting properly. Max Mormont, an amazing Olympic lifter who was one of the best coaches I’ve had, would always say “Wiggle your toes when you squat.” I say that to my clients all the time when we train because it’s a great queue to make people understand where all your weight should be distributed. When you squat properly all your weight should be back in your heels and your glutes should be activated. You should stand straight up and push up through the heels. I would recommend starting from a seated position and then eventually squat without the chair. Check out my video!

Note: Remember to foam roll and “grease your knees” before squatting (exercising), this prepares the body for movement and decreases your risk of injuries.

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